Wonderful Philippines

The “Philippines” is Millenial Arachidamia’s home. My home.

Philippines or Pilipinas (in Filipino) is officially known as “The Republic of the Philippines.”

The Capital City is Quezon City.

LOCATION: It is located in South East Asia, western part in the Pacific Ocean.

The Philippines is an archipelago which composed of 7,641 islands. Categorically, it is composed of three main geographical division, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

WEATHER: Basically, the Philippines is a tropical country with 2 seasons: Wet Season from June to September and Dry Season from October to May.

LANGUAGE: English and Filipino are the main languages, however, different regional dialects are used in the particular regions.

CURRENCY: Philippine Peso = Php

GOVERNMENT: There are three (3) Branches of the Government. The Executive Department where the Presidents of the Philippines seats, the Legislative Department which composed of the House of Congress and the House of Senate and Judiciary Department where the Chief Justice heads.

The Philippines is a  beautiful place. Come and enjoy the beauty of country!