Running Evolution

My Running Evolution

Every successful runner  or Podium Half-Marathoner or Marathoner  started with their baby steps……. Here are my official runs and races. From my 3K journey to 21K.

I wish everyone can share theirs…Be inspired! Be motivated! Let us run our baby steps until such time we can conquer our first marathon..and tiathlon…See you at the finish line!

2013 FIRST RUN: “3K” The photo above was my first fun run in Metro Manila. Skolar Run on May 18, 2013, Aseana City.

Why I ran the Skolar Run? It was because I was a Scholar for 9 years. (4 years Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur Scholar and 5 years British Sponsored Scholar). Also, I can relate to the theme of the event and it was because I highly respect the scholars in all aspects.

Being a scholar is a privilege granted to the few, highly commendable and academic excellent students of a certain field of study. These are students who strongly believe that “Hindi hadlang ang kahirapan sa pag-abot ng mga pangarap” (Poverty is not a hindrance in attaining ones goals in life).

While I was running, I remember my life as a college student. I remember the struggles. However, through discipline and perseverance, I finished my college days race.

2013 SECOND RUN: “3K” September 1, 2013. Got to Believe (G2B) Color Fun Run.

2013 THIRD RUN: “5K” Rexona Run on October 20, 2013. Mall of Asia.

2013 FOURTH RUN: “10K” Sante Barley Domination Run, November 24, 2013.


2013 FIFTH RUN: “5K” Paranaque City Government Fun Run November 22, 2013.

2014 FIRST RUN: “FIRST 21K” 7/Eleven 1000 Run in January 19, 2014.

2016 FIRST RUN: “10K” Heroes Run on April 9, 2016, Mall of Asia.

2017 FIRST RUN: “21K” Nat Geo Run on April 23, 2017 at Mall of Asia.

2017 SECOND RUN: “21K” Run Rio Trilogy Leg 3 last October 1, 2017.

2018 FIRST RACE: “5K” First Asian Obstacle Course Race Championship on January 27, 2018.

2018 SECOND RUN: “10K” Century Tuna Underpants Run, April 8, 2018 at Filinvest, Alabang.

And I will continue to Run as long as I can and able to run.

All for the greater glory of God!



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